Music critics have called Rich Fabec the future of the blues. Rich’s Blues are a unique blend of traditional Chicago and Texas Blues like B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Albert King and Albert Collins; and more contemporary sounds like, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Robben Ford and Jimi Hendrix.   Rich’s music is a melting pot of Jazz, Funk and Rock all served on the plate of the Blues. The Blues are the foundation of his music. 

Rich says,  “The Blues is the great tradition of American music. It has been the common ancestor to all forms of Western music for the past 130 years. Rock, Jazz, Country, Bluegrass, Soul, even Rap and Hip-Hop owe their musical beginnings to the Blues.”  But the Blues, to survive a musical form, needs to keep evolving. That is what Muddy Waters and others did when they came from the Delta and plugged in electric guitars.”

Rich’s interest in music began a long time ago in his hometown of Moon Twp., Pennsylvania. At the age of 9 he started taking guitar lessons inspired by his interest in rock groups like Kiss and Aerosmith. Because these groups mentioned Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton (Cream, John Mayall) as an influence, he soon found himself enamored with those players and their influences (the Blues). Learning quickly with a musical hunger that could not be filled, Rich began playing professionally in clubs at the age of 15. Because he was so young yet so proficient, many bands called him to play and he made lots of friends. A friend invited him one night to see a little known Blues guitarist out of Texas at a local club. “I was amazed at how Stevie Ray Vaughn could play the Hendrix material so well and yet still have his own voice.”  This fuelled his love for guitar and the Blues even more.

By this time Rich was learning Jazz. “I saw how the Blues had influenced Jazz players thinking. They were common ancestors, two sides of the same coin and I wanted to put the two together and see how they fit.” After graduating High School, Rich was awarded 2 scholarships to Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA. Though he didn’t spend all four years there, the training was invaluable.

Upon graduation from Clarion University of PA, Rich headed straight for Nashville, TN. He quickly got jobs playing on the road and in studios. “I wanted to take advantage of the boom going on in Country music at the time, and my style seemed to fit in well.” While playing with a Southern Illinois favorite, Wild Horses, Rich began to feel the call of the Blues again. After leaving that band he formed Soul Purpose, his first Blues band for which was the leader.  They played at local festivals such as Herrinfesta and the first year at Hog Rock. After that time Rich started playing Contemporary Christian music and released 3 CD’s as a solo artist and 1 as a member of a 3 piece group called Calling 12.  Rich lives in Anna, IL with his wife Sonya, and 2 children Morgan, and Garrett. He also teaches guitar at Byassee music in Marion, IL and Shawnee Community College in Ullin, IL

With the new CD project TALKING TO SHADOWS, Rich has now returned to playing the music that captured his heart many years ago: The Blues. “This new project is like a new start. The Blues needs to move in a new direction, and the music on this CD is a step in that direction. It is Blues for the 21st century. To me it feels like coming home, comfortable like your favorite jeans or your favorite shoes.”

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